If this is your first book club....

Parent/Teacher Note:

We realize there is a lot of information provided. Do not let this overwhelm you. Feel free to skip any rabbit trails or magic dust projects that do not fit into your schedule or do not appeal to you.

We have provided you with enough information for several weeks worth of study. However, this course is designed to be self-led. Please make it work for you -- whether that be over several weeks or several days.

What is included in each course?

  • Read, Write, Learn - reading assignments, copywork, literary elements
  • Vocabulary, Spelling and Grammar - vocabulary, including learning apps and quizzes in Quizlet, spelling games, copywork & dictation and grammar discussion
  • Questions to Ponder - thought questions to teach critical thinking and freewriting
  • Writing Project - a month long writing assignment
  • Show What You Know - a wrap up of all the student has learned for that week
  • Rabbit Trails
  • Magic Dust
  • Party School

What are Rabbit Trails and Magic Dust?

Rabbit Trail: In every online book club, we will go on rabbit trails of discovery. We will hop off the traditional roads of literature and meander down paths about pop-culture, history, biographies, poetry, music and more. We will take deep dives into some of the subjects touched on in the book and broaden our minds with new adventures.

Magic Dust: We will also bring literature to life by sprinkling a bit of magic dust along the way. These hands-on projects will take us into the book. We will touch, see, feel and learn on our new adventures.

Two Ways to Use This Course:

The first way is a self-paced literary study. As the students progress through reading the book, they will progress through the lessons. Activities are included at the end of each reading assignment. At the end of the book, your family can celebrate with the "party school."

The second way to use this course is with a book club. I lead several book clubs that meet once a month. If you would like to learn about setting up a book club with other students, refer to this article. If you meet weekly, you can use the weekly lessons throughout your meetings. If you meet only once per month, at the conclusion of the book, you can use several of the activities listed as one large book club.

Copywork and Dictation:

Copywork and Dictation are great ways to build spelling and grammar skills. For more information on these techniques, read the following article.

How To Know If You Are Using Copywork And Dictation The Right Way To Teach Language Arts

If you are a Charlotte Mason homeschooler, then chances are the words copywork and dictation have come up repeatedly in homeschool discussions. The late Charlotte Mason, an educator who inspired an entire homeschool philosophy, advocated copywork and dictation as two of the key components to educating children in language arts.


In this course, we use Freewriting to jumpstart the critical thinking process and get words flowing. Our goal with the writing projects is to help your student find their writing voice. Freewriting is an excellent tool you can learn more about in the article below.

The Freewriting Rules That Will Inspire A Reluctant Writer

'How did you get him to write? He never writes for me at home.' This and a few other questions and comments similar to it were directed at me at our last enrichment classes. At first, I demurred because that's what we Southerners do. Then I realized they were serious.