Week 2

Week 2

Day 1

  • Copywork: Copy the [Copywork] passage exactly as it is written in the book again or choose a different passage to copy. Review the grammar from last week.
  • Rabbit Trail: What's a garden?

Day 2

  • Vocabulary: Review the list of vocabulary words and their definitions with your student.
  • Rabbit Trails: Herb Gardens

Day 3

  • Rabbit Trails: Vegetable Gardens
  • Magic Dust: Prepare supplies for tomorrow's project. You will need: 3 Clear plastic cups and plastic plastic plates (or you could use flower pots), 3 Types of soil (Sand, Loose Dirt, Rocks, Potting Soil, Clay, etc.), Seeds or Seedlings, Water, Sunny area like a windowsill, The Soil Experiment Worksheet (found in the Magic Dust lesson)

Day 4

  • Magic Dust: Soil Experiment
  • Outside Adventure: Plan for your field trip tomorrow. (Note: If you are in a part of the world with different seasons, follow the Go Outside on An Adventure that best fits your season.

Day 5

  • Outside Adventure: Take your nature journal and head out to a flower garden or vegetable garden.

Half-Way Mark! You are half-way through your nature adventure!!​

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