Week 3

Week 3

Day 1

  • Copywork: Once again copy the passage exactly as it is written in the book again or choose a different passage to copy. Review the grammar once more.
  • Rabbit Trail: Seeds

Day 2

  • Vocabulary: Review the list of vocabulary words and their definitions one more time with your student.
  • Rabbit Trail: What a Garden Needs

Day 3

  • Rabbit Trails: Vegetables and Fruits, Scarecrow
  • Magic Dust: Gather materials needed for tomorrow's project: Cupcake pan or mini-muffin tin, Various fruits & veggies cut into bite sized pieces, Tissue paper, Tape, Peter Rabbit's Mixed-Up Garden cards.

Day 4

  • Magic Dust: Peter's Mixed Up Garden
  • Outside Adventure: Plan for your field trip tomorrow.

Day 5

  • Outside Adventure: Take your nature journal and head out on an outside adventure!

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