Week 4

Week 4

Day 1

  • Copywork: Read over and study the copywork one last time and prepare for tomorrow's dictation.
  • Rabbit Trail: Burrows

Day 2

  • Dictation: Today your student will do dictation. In dictation the student listens as the teacher reads the copywork passage. The student then transcribes the passage exactly. If your student is young, you can use the French Dictation Worksheet located in the [Copywork] section
  • Rabbit Trail: Chamomile
  • Magic Dust: Gather materials needed for tomorrow's project: 12 oz plain flour, 2 oz cold butter (cut into tiny cubes plus extra for greasing), 1 oz caster sugar, ½ tablespoon fast acting dried yeast, Tiny pinch salt, 100ml milk mixed with 100 ml of tepid water (mixed together), 2 oz currants

Day 3

  • Magic Dust: Bake Currant Buns (You can save some for the party school tomorrow)
  • Party School: Prepare for your party school. Choose some food options, decorating options and one or two activities. Make sure you have a few activities chosen as well.

Day 4

  • Party School! Decorate your area have some snacks and choose an activity or two for fun!
  • Movie Day: Make sure to have the movie ready for tomorrow.

Day 5

  • Movie Day! Watch one of the movies based on Peter Rabbit. A new movie will be released soon, so now would be a good time to watch the first in the newest series.

Share your book club party school below or ask questions.