Week 1

Week 1

Day 1

  • Read Chapter 1.
  • Let your child choose their favorite passage from the book and write it in their notebook.
  • Vocabulary: As you are reading, take notice of any unusual words or phrases that your child is unfamiliar with and help them write them in their notebook.

Day 2

  • Read Chapter 2.
  • Copywork: Have students write the quote in the [Copywork] section. Make sure it is written with correct punctuation and capitalization. Discuss the grammar given to you in the [Copywork] section.
  • Rabbit Trails: Bears

Day 3

  • Vocabulary: Help your student look up any of the unusual words and write their definition in their notebooks.
  • Rabbit Trails: Animals in Winter
  • Magic Dust: Gather supplies needed for tomorrow's magic dust.

Day 4

  • Magic Dust: Make a Hibernating Animal Den
  • Outside Adventure: Print out the nature journal (or use your own) for tomorrow's outside adventure. You can find the Nature Journal in the [Member's Only Bonuses].

Day 5

  • Outside Adventure: Take your nature journal and go outside and work on your observation skills. Though it's not winter, you can still observe the animals and build Eeyore a house!

GREAT JOB! You have finished one week of your nature adventure!!‚Äč

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