Writing and Literary Elements

Estimated Time: 30-60+ minutes

Literary Elements:

  • Look up the term: epitaph.
  • Write the definition of the literary element in your notebook.

Writing Activity:

Today's project is to write an epitaph for Old Dan and Little Ann.

Epitaphs can be serious, like what you would see on a tombstone. Or, an epitaph poem can be funny and lighthearted. You can learn how to write a funny epitaph poem in the article below.

How to Write a Funny Epitaph Poem

An epitaph is a poem that mourns someone's death, usually intended to appear on that person's tombstone. Although epitaphs are usually serious, it's also possible for a rhyming epitaph to tell a funny story in a very short way. Often a funny epitaph is only four lines long.

Use the printable below to help you write your epitaph poem.

Write an Epitaph.pdf

Share your epitaphs with us in the comments below.