Rabbit Trail: Changing Language

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The meaning of certain words changes over time. There are also words, phrases or items that are popular in one time and fade from memory as time goes on.

This book was written in 1962, over 50 years ago. Some words that were popular in use then are now rarely used.

Here are some words that the author uses that may be unfamiliar to you. Discover their meanings as the author intended.

  • Tramp: "A tramp is a long-term homeless person who travels from place to place as a vagrant, traditionally walking all year round. The word tramp became a common way to refer to such people in 19th-century Britain and America."
  • Constable: A constable is usually an elected peace officer. They may share some of the duties of the police.
  • Liniment: A liquid or lotion rubbed into the skin to relieve pain. This ad tells a little about the history of Minard's Liniment.

Minard's Liniment History

Minard's Liniment remains the workhorse of liniments in this modern age, a legendary home remedy for pain that's both safe and effective. It provides quick, penetrating relief from stiff, sore muscles, strains, sprains, backaches, rheumatic, arthritic and temporary muscular pain. Use it anytime to soothe overworked muscles.

Doctor Denton

ADVERTISEMENT 1921 Ladies Home Journal Dr. Denton Sleeping Garments Magazine Advertisement , 1921. Ephemera. Very Good; 1921 Ladies Home Journal Dr. Denton Sleeping Garments Magazine Advertisement. Protect Your Child's Health. Dr. Denton Sleeping Garment Mills, Centreville, Michigan. Ad is 6 3/4″ high and 5 1/4″ across. Very good condition, suitable for framing.


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