Rabbit Trail: Palindrome

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Stanley Yelnats is a palindrome. So, what is a palindrome? Read the article below and find the answer.

What Is a Palindrome?

Do you have any favorite palindromes? Common palindromes include civic, radar, level, rotor, kayak, and race car. Palindromes can also consist of entire phrases, such as "step on no pets." In the case of these longer palindromes, such as "no lemon, no melon," just ignore spacing when reading them .

Here are some fun examples of palindromes.

16 Surprisingly Funny Palindromes

What is a palindrome? According to The Oxford English Dictionary the word is based on Greek root words meaning "back" and "running." Palindromes are words or phrases that read the same backward and forward, letter for letter, number for number, or word for word. Some palindromes seem philosophical. Do geese see God?

Do you know any more palindromes? Let us know in the comments.

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