Read, Write, Learn

Estimated Time: 3 hours


  • Read Volume 1: Chapters 1-8


  • As you are reading, write down any sentences or paragraphs that you like or have special meaning to you in your journal.
  • Pay attention to any words or phrases that you don't understand and write them in your journal. Look up the meanings of these words.


  • The Detective Genre is popular because it is like working a puzzle. You must stay vigilant about observing the characters' actions, words and interactions with others. Any minute detail could later be important. Christie also introduces a lot of characters very quickly in this story.
  • To help you keep track, create a chart of characters. Make 3 columns: character name, description, clues/alibi/important info. You will be adding to this chart each week so leave yourself plenty of room to go back and add more information to column 3. Alternatively, you can use the character worksheet found in the [Weekly Lesson Plan and Other Free Resources] lecture.
  • Read the definition of foreshadowing and add it to your notebook. As you are reading this week write down any possible lines that might be foreshadowing. Be sure to include the page number so you can easily find it again.

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