Reading, Vocabulary and Grammar for this Lesson


  • Part Two (Ghosts until the end)


  • As you are reading, write down any sentences or paragraphs that you like or have special meaning to you in your journal.
  • Pay attention to any words or phrases that you don't understand and write them in your journal. Look up the meanings of these words.

Spelling and Grammar:

You may choose a passage from the reading that you think is important and use it as your copywork, or you can use the selection below.

Our daddy seems taller than anyone else

in all of Greenville.

More handsome, too --

His square jaw and light brown eyes

so different from our own

narrow-faced, dark-eyed selves. Still,

his hand is warm and strong around my own

as I skip beside him,

the wind blowing up around us. He says,

Y'all are Gunnar's children.

Just keep remembering that.

  • Write it in neatly your journal.
  • Be careful to punctuate and capitalize the way the author did and watch for spelling. If you make any errors, correct them.
  • Study this passage this week until you are asked to dictate it to your teacher.
  • Let's learn about a specific type of describing word this week, adjectives. Watch the video below about adjectives and then choose all the adjectives in the passage you copied.

Here's a song to help you remember adjectives.

Share your favorite passage so far in the comments below.

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