Vocabulary and Grammar

Estimated Time: 1 hour


As you are reading, look for these vocabulary words.

  • stolid
  • singed
  • minstrel
  • flue
  • tallow
  • pulverized
  • melancholy
  • proclivities
  • odious
  • condemnation
  • contempt

Vocabulary Flashcards and Quiz

Practice your vocabulary words using the [Flashcards], [Learn], and [Match] options below from Quizlet. You can choose a different study mode by clicking the drop-down menu in the lower right of the box below. Save the [Test] section for later.


Practice spelling the vocabulary words using Quizlet.


This month you will be learning about dashes and hyphens along with their proper use.

This week we will focus on dashes. Read the rules in the article below then watch the video.

You will use the above information to correct passages in the Show What You Know section.

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