April Showers, bring May Flowers! It's April and Spring has Sprung. Let's get started on our SpringTime Poetry TeaTime with some fun spring poems!

Read-Aloud Poems for Young People

  • The Robin by Emily Dickinson, p. 41
  • Spring by William Blake, p. 229
  • April by Sara Teasdale, p. 230
  • April Rain Song by Langston Hughes, p. 231
  • May by Sara Teasdale, p. 232
  • Blossoms by Frank Dempster Sherman, p. 233
  • The Daffodils by William Wordsworth, p. 242

The Random House Book of Poetry for Children

  • Spring Rain by Marchette Chute, p. 42
  • Ode to Spring by Walter R. Brooks, p. 42
  • Spring Is by Bobbi Katz, p. 42
  • Spring by Karla Kuskin, p. 43
  • Good-by My Winter Suit by N.M. Bodecker, p. 43

Poetry Teatime Companion

  • The Four Elements by Anne Bradstreet, p. 80
  • I Have a Rendezvous with Life by Countee Cullen, p. 82
  • Beloved, Let Us One More Praise the Rain by Conrad Potter Aiken, p. 84
  • The Red Wheelbarrow by William Carlos Willams, p. 86
  • Song on May Morning by John Milton, p. 88

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