Getting Started with Poetry Teatime

Welcome to Poetry Teatime ~ Holiday Edition

We are delighted you are joining us in experiencing a new and exciting way to introduce poetry to your children.

Poetry Teatime can be as simple or enchanting as you want to make it. In this course we provide the resources, decoration ideas, poetry ideas and activities for a year of holiday themed poetry teatime ideas. We even give you ideas for a simple poetry teatime when you are short on time or energy and ideas for a more enchanting teatime when you want to make it a day of fun activities.

So, jump in at the closest month and get started enjoying a relaxing poetry adventure with your kids!

For further Poetry Teatime instructions and inspiration, read the article and listen to the podcast below.

Poetry Teatime ~ Part of an Enchanted Education

Early in our homeschool journey, I discovered the fabulous Julie Bogart and her Brave Writer Lifestyle. One of the activities that Julie Bogart mentions in the Brave Writer Lifestyle is Poetry Teatime. Poetry Teatime is a great way to enjoy literature while bonding with your children.

A Brave Writer's Life in Brief

Want to grow a writer? Focus on the joy of language and the celebration of expression! Make those your top priority before worrying about the details of spelling and punctuation. We've got a sure-fire way to rock your linguistic world-the practice of pairing poetry and tea. Promise-it's a slam dunk.

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