Language Arts Curriculum

Two primary ways to use this membership as your language arts program:

*As a supplement to any Language Arts program.

You can choose to complete book clubs in your own time frame. Use the parts of the lesson which appeal to you and fit with your current language arts program. For example, if your student is currently using a writing program, you might opt out of the writing lessons. We encourage you to make the program work for your homeschool.

*As part of a full Language Arts program.

Add your own grammar specific curriculum. Then complete all assignments in your choice of monthly book clubs and you have a complete Language Arts program.

Please note that we recommend completing 8 courses per year, but you may find that your student moves quicker than expected. Or you may wish to spend more time in a book club than one month. So, please use your knowledge of your children to determine how many book clubs would be appropriate for the year.

Our recommended Grammar programs:

Grammar Galaxy

You can learn more about this language arts program for elementary kids by clicking on the image below.