To Students: Preparing for this Course

Please watch this video to help you prepare for this course.

Poetry Notebook

To set up your Poetry Notebook, you will need to divide it by Topic. Create Sections for:

  1. Poetry,
  2. Literary Elements, and
  3. Trivia Questions

As you progress through the course, you will be reminded to add things to your notebook when you see this icon .

Khan Academy

To complete the grammar portion of the course, you will need to create an account at Khan Academy. This is a free website for students.

You can create your account now, by clicking HERE.

You will be completing these lessons over the course of the month. Click on this lesson at the beginning of the Poet Lesson and note how many lessons you will need to complete each week.

Other Grammar Curriculum

If you have another grammar curriculum you want to use, feel free to ignore the Grammar Lectures in each Poet Lesson.


In this course, we reference events you can add to a timeline. If you are using a timeline, you will see this icon when we reference a date to be added.