Book List

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For this book club, we will be using the book How To Teach Your Children Shakespeare by Ken Ludwig. You can find it in digital, paperback, or in hardback.

You will also need ONE of the following books. You may pick your favorite from the list:

You can purchase any of these in digital, paperback, hardcover, and audio formats. They are also available at many local libraries. You will only need ONE of these options.

We will be reading excerpts from Shakespeare's plays. You do NOT need a copy, as we will give you links to the plays online. However, you may prefer a written copy of the play you are choosing to study.

The authors of this course will be using The Complete Works of Shakespeare. There are many different options available at your local library or at your local bookstore. If you would prefer a complete works, we recommend ONE of the following:

You will also need a notebook or binder for your notes, vocabulary, and writing.

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