Welcome to the World of Shakespeare!

This course can be used in many different ways. We designed it for those who wanted to pursue a full-year of Shakespeare study and for those who only wanted to study one or more plays.

Full Year of Shakespeare

Our full-course includes enough plays and discussion for a student to immerse themselves in Shakespeare for the year. We recommend spending at least a month with each play.

For a full language arts credit, a supplementary grammar program would need to be added. We recommend:

A Shakespeare Play Study

Another way to study Shakespeare is to study one play per year. This is best done when coordinated with a live theater showing of a play.

In this case, your student would start with the Start Here section and then skip down to the section about the chosen play. After a month of study, the student would attend a live play. Alternatively, the student could watch the play if a live showing is not available.

Important Notes...

We realize there is a lot of information provided. Do not let this overwhelm you. Feel free to skip any rabbit trails or magic dust projects that do not fit into your schedule or do not appeal to you.

We have provided you with enough information for several weeks' worth of study. However, this course is designed to be self-led. Please make it work for you -- whether that be over several weeks or several days.

About The Credit

This course is the equivalent of a year of high school literature course study. We recommend allocating a month of literature credit to each play.

About The Certificate

Once the student has completed the course, they will receive a certificate. You may print this out for your records.

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