Rabbit Trail: Anishinabe

Estimated Time: 10 minutes

The Anishinabe or Anishinaabe people are a group of "culturally related Indigenous Peoples in Canada and the United States that include the Odawa, Ojibwe [Ojibwa], Potawatomi, Oji-Cree, Mississaugas, Chippewa, and Algonquin peoples. The Anishinaabeg speak Anishinaabemowin, or Anishinaabe languages that belong to the Algonquian language family."

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Here you can read a history of the Anishinabe people and their creation story.

History of the Anishinaabek

History of the Anishinaabek

This video includes pictures of Ojibwa from the era of The Birchbark House. The song is an Ojibwa song.

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