Rabbit Trail: Birchbark Wigwam

Estimated Time: 5-10 minutes

Omakayas and her family build their summer house, a birchbark wigwam. They gather the birchbark and then sew it together. They may have used a tool like this one.

Ojibwe awl for sewing birchbark

Ojibwe awl for sewing birchbark

Read the article below to see how a birchbark wigwam would be built and what it would look like when completed.

Shelter - Wigwam

The wigwam shown in these photos was constructed at Pukaskwa National Park by Ojibway people who live nearby. Pukaskwa National Park is located on the northeastern shores of Lake Superior (Ontario, Canada).

What do you think of this type of shelter? Do you think you would like living in a birchbark wigwam?

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