Rabbit Trail: The Birchbark Legend

Estimated Time: 5-10 minutes

Nokomis found the tree they needed. Read the article below to learn about the birchbark tree.

Birch bark Facts for Kids | KidzSearch.com

Birch bark is useful because it is strong and water-resistant. It is similar in some ways to cardboard. And can be easily cut, bent and sewn. Because of this it has been very valuable for building, crafting, and writing material ever since ancient times. Birch bark also contains substances that are used in medicines and chemicals.

The Anishinabe people have a legend about the Birchbark tree. You can read this legend at the link below. It is written first in the Anishinabe language and then translated into English.

Legend of the Birchbark Tree

Legend of the Birchbark tree

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