Welcome to the Call of the Wild Mini-Course for Teens!


We are excited you are joining us on our literature adventures. This course is a mini-course.

Why do we call it a mini-course?

Our high school level online book clubs normally span at least four weeks of study for a month of literature study. However, The Call of the Wild is a significantly shorter novel than the novels we typically use for our literature studies. The average reader will spend between 2-3 hours reading the novel.

We have split the reading into two weeks so that we can spend time studying the vocabulary and literary elements of the book in detail. We also spend time researching subjects mentioned in the book (rabbit trails) and working on hands-on projects (magic dust).

Other than the length of time spent in this course, it is nearly identical to the layout of all our other literature studies for teens.

We hope you will enjoy this bonus American Literature Classic Online Book Club. Let's get started! Just press Complete and Continue at the top of your screen.