Step 1: Pick Your Student's Age Level

Step 2: Choose:

The Membership

(all the book clubs for the entire family + live book clubs),


A Bundle

(a year of book clubs),


Individual Book Clubs

(Self-paced individual monthly book clubs)

Choose the Elementary and Middle School Membership

Literary Adventures Clubhouse

Join the Literary Adventures Clubhouse and receive:

*Access to all Elementary and Middle School Book Clubs

*Monthly LIVE Interactive Book Club

*Monthly LIVE Poetry Teatimes

*Instructor Critiques & Feedback

*Live Teacher Office Hours

*Exclusive Book Club Planner

*Quarterly Workshops

*Nature Journal

Choose A Bundle of Already Created Curriculum for the Year

For a year of language arts you can:

  • Choose one of our bundles that have been crafted for you:
  • A Year 1 Curriculum
  • A Year 2 Curriculum
  • A year of American Classics
  • A year of British Classics
  • A year of World Literature
  • A year of Nature Book Clubs
  • or even, A semester of Winter Book Clubs
  • We recommend an Early Literacy Program at this stage to complement your literature studies

Choose Individual Book Clubs to Create Your Own Curriculum

For a year of language arts you can:

  • Choose 8-10 book clubs from the list.
  • Complete one book club per month. 
  • Use one of our Poetry Teatime Courses to add in poetry once a month.
  • We recommend an Early Literacy Program at this stage

Step 3: You're Done!

You now have a

full language arts


for your student!

Commonly Asked Questions

Are your courses religious or secular?

We would best describe our courses as Globally Neutral with regards to religion. We do not advocate any particular doctrines or beliefs. Our goal at Literary Adventures for Kids is to help students develop a love of literature. Sometimes that means they will read books they love. At other times, they will read books they hate. Some books will make them feel good about their beliefs and some will make them question long-held beliefs. We encourage students to think critically and to form their own opinions. We do not tell them how to think. To put it simply, we open a book and help a student to discover what is inside. We don't shy away from controversial authors and we don't believe in banning books.

Will the teacher grade the student's grammar?

Any questions that require answers in the Grammar sections have answers provided.

Will the teacher provide any feedback back to the child on their writing and thought questions?

We provide students with the opportunity to share their comments and projects. If they choose to share, we will provide feedback in the form of critiques and encouragement. Some of our students use this option frequently, while others choose to submit their assignments to the parents.

Can I print your curriculum?

Our programs are online based. That means that the lessons and materials are generally found online. However, there are several printable portions of the courses for writing projects, lesson planning, etc. Some parents go through each lesson and print out the worksheets first, but that isn't necessary to enjoy the course. You can access the lessons via computer, tablet or phone for your convenience.

Is there a time limit to complete a course?

No, there is no time limit. Once you purchase one of our book clubs, it's yours forever. The only products that we have that are time-based are our memberships. They are at a considerably lower price per month, but you only have access to them while you are enrolled in the membership. So, they are best for those who want a variety of book clubs per month and/or have multiple children using multiple courses.

What are the differences in the memberships and the stand-alone courses?

The short answer is that we offer more in the memberships.

The long answer is that the memberships include all of our book clubs. With the memberships, you can choose any book club to study at any time. You are charged a subscription fee (quarterly or yearly) to have access to every book club (plus a few extras like workshops, interactive book clubs, downloads, and bonuses). If you decide at anytime you no longer want the membership, you can simply cancel. You will be unenrolled in the courses.

However, with the purchase of a stand-alone course, you have access to that course for the lifetime of our business. You pay a one time fee and it is yours.