Are you a BUSY, TIRED, OVERWHELMED homeschooler who craves consistency with an engaging language arts curriculum?

Do you:

*need an easy, straightforward approach to enhance your child's reading comprehension skills?

*want a curriculum that goes beyond just screen time or workbook exercises, one that sparks curiosity and a love for learning?

*want a way to make literature enjoyable and meaningful for your children, helping them connect deeply with what they read?

*believe that the educational journey should be magical and captivating for your student?

Welcome to Literary Adventures for Kids, an award-winning language arts curriculum that effortlessly blends fun and learning.

It's a breeze to implement and a joy to explore – each course is an exciting adventure through a book!

Take a look inside!

At Literary Adventures for Kids carefully design every aspect of language arts education to:

Save Your Time with:

*Effortless Planning - Enjoy a ready-to-use schedule. We've done all the planning for you, so you can focus more on enjoying educational moments with your kids.

*Research-Free Curriculum - Say goodbye to hours of research to create the perfect literature curriculum. We provide well-designed courses centered around specific books your kids will love.

*Swift Feedback - Our instructors provide prompt feedback on your student's projects, saving you time on grading and strengthening their learning experience.

Save Your Money with:

*Family-Friendly Courses - Our online courses are designed for the whole family. Invest once and educate all your children without the need for constant curriculum purchases.

Reduce Your Stress & Help You Connect with Your Kids through:

*Ease of Overwhelm - Let us take the reins of teaching language arts. Just sit back and ENJOY reading with your kids.

*Inspiring Discussions - Our 'Rabbit Trails' encourage deep, thoughtful conversations, helping you connect with your kids on significant topics and ideas.

*Teach Independence - The user-friendly online format is perfect for teaching older kids to learn independently, building valuable life skills.

Give You Confidence in Your Kids' Education by:

*Assuring a Quality Language Arts Program - Feel confident knowing your children are receiving a comprehensive literature education that creates strong readers and thinkers, equipping them with skills for a lifetime.

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How to Add Magic Dust to Your Homeschool The Easy Way

If you want to enrich your child’s studies, take the time to invest in the research.

Look for ways to bring to life the culture, context, and history surrounding their books. This deep, well-planned approach promises your children will make connections to their stories and will transform their education.

Or, you can let me do it for you.

Meticulously researching and planning out all the details can be, well, A LOT.

Let me take that weight off your shoulders. Creating book clubs and unit studies isn't just my job; it's my passion. At Literary Adventures for Kids, we've done the hard work for you. We create each book club and unit study with care, ensuring they're not only educational but also incredibly engaging and fun.

I created Literary Adventures for Kids to help homeschool parents find a stress-free way to add an extra bit of adventure to their homeschool.

Let's make learning not just educational but truly magical for your kids!

Cathy Duffy Review - Literary Adventures for Kids offers solid content in an interesting format that is very easy to use

Start Here


Each step is designed to cater to your unique homeschooling needs, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your family's educational journey.

Step 1: Identify Your Student's Age Level

Start by selecting the age level that best suits your student. This ensures the material is just right for their stage of learning.

Step 2: Pick the Best Model for Your Family


This includes access to all our book clubs for the entire family, plus live book club & poetry teatime meetings. It's perfect if you want a comprehensive, interactive experience for everyone.


A Yearly Bundle:

Get a year's worth of book clubs tailored to your child's specific age level. Ideal if you prefer a more focused, age-specific approach.


Individual Book Clubs:

Perfect for those who want the flexibility to pick and choose specific book clubs that supplement your child's interests and your educational goals.

Step 3: Start Your Literary Adventure

Once you've made your choice, start your new language arts curriculum. You will receive immediate access to your new course or membership. Grab your book and get started!

With Literary Adventures for Kids, you’re not just teaching language arts; you're setting off on an exciting educational adventure that your child will love!

Let's make learning an adventure!

Are you ready to get started?

Step 1: Choose Your Age Level

(Click one of the age levels below to be taken to Step 2: Pick the Best Model for Your Family)

Early Elementary Literature Studies

Early Elementary

Grade Levels K - 2

Upper Elementary Literature Studies

Upper Elementary

Grade Levels 3 - 5

Middle School Literature Studies

Middle School

Grade Levels 6 - 8

High School Literature Studies

High School

Grade Levels 9 - 12

Collage of Zooms

Curious about our live book clubs?

Each month, we host live book clubs in our memberships. Students join each other in the online book club and at the end of the month, we all meet on zoom for costumes, book talk and fun!

We also meet once a month on Zoom for a fun live poetry teatime. We read poetry, learn about it and then write some of our very own poems!

Find out what we are learning this month at the button below.

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Our Promise to You: Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

At Literary Adventures for Kids, we're confident you'll love our courses. We've poured our hearts into creating resources that spark joy and curiosity in your homeschool journey. However, we also understand that every family is unique, and what works for one might not be the perfect fit for another.

That's why we offer a no-stress, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you find that a course isn't quite right for your family, just let us know within 5 days of purchase. We'll happily provide a full refund, no questions asked. We want you to feel confident and excited about your choice, and we're here to ensure that happens.

Remember, our team is always here to help you find the best fit for your family's educational adventure!

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Still Deciding? Try a free course and discover the wonder of online book clubs!

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs Online Book Club  - Free at Literary Adventures for Kids
Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs - Elementary Online Nature Book Club

What's Cooking? Discover the Fun in Nature with Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs

Why You'll Love It: Fancy a delightful blend of reading and exploring nature? This Online Nature Book Club is the perfect way to introduce your little ones to the joy of learning about nature through a story they'll adore.

Wonder Online Book Club  - Free at Literary Adventures for Kids
Wonder - Upper Elementary and Middle School Online Book Club

Find the Wonder: Step Into the Heartwarming World of Wonder

What's Inside: Ready to explore themes of kindness and courage? The Wonder Online Book Club is a beautiful journey tailored for both upper elementary and middle school kids, sparking meaningful conversations and connections.

The Call of the Wild Online Book Club - Free at Literary Adventures for Kids
The Call of the Wild - High School Mini Online Book Club

Adventure Calls: Go on an Expedition with The Call of the Wild

Why It's Great: Join us for a riveting two-week journey into the wild. Perfect for your high schooler, this mini book club combines the excitement of Jack London's classic with thought-provoking discussions and exciting rabbit trails.

Commonly Asked Questions

Are your courses religious or secular?

We would best describe our courses as Globally Neutral with regards to religion. We do not advocate any particular doctrines or beliefs. Our goal at Literary Adventures for Kids is to help students develop a love of literature. Sometimes that means they will read books they love. At other times, they will read books they hate. Some books will make them feel good about their beliefs and some will make them question long-held beliefs. We encourage students to think critically and to form their own opinions. We do not tell them how to think. To put it simply, we open a book and help a student to discover what is inside. We don't shy away from controversial authors and we don't believe in banning books.

Will the teacher grade the student's Show What You Know quizzes and grammar?

Any questions that require answers in the Show What You Know or Grammar sections have answers provided or are self-grading quizzes.

Will the teacher provide any feedback to the child on their writing and thought questions?

We provide students with the opportunity to share their freewrites from the Questions to Ponder and the Writing Project. If they choose to share, we will provide feedback in the form of critiques and encouragement. Some of our students use this option frequently, while others choose to submit their assignments to the parents.

Can I print your curriculum?

Our programs are online based. That means that the lessons and materials are generally found online. However, there are several printable portions of the courses for writing projects, lesson planning, etc. Some parents go through each lesson and print out the worksheets first, but that isn't necessary to enjoy the course. You can access the lessons via computer, tablet or phone for your convenience.

Is there a time limit to complete a course?

No, there is no time limit. Once you purchase one of our book clubs, it's yours forever. The only products that we have that are time-based are our memberships. They are at a considerably lower price per month, but you only have access to them while you are enrolled in the membership. So, they are best for those who want a variety of book clubs per month and/or have multiple children using multiple courses.

What are the differences in the memberships and the stand-alone courses?

The short answer is that we offer more in the memberships.

The long answer is that the memberships include all of our book clubs. With the memberships, you can choose any book club to study at any time. You are charged a subscription fee to have access to every book club (plus a few extras like live book clubs, live poetry teatimes, teacher office hours, workshops, downloads, and bonuses). If you decide at anytime you no longer want the membership, you can simply cancel. You will be unenrolled in the courses.

However, with the purchase of a stand-alone course, you have access to that course for the lifetime of our business. You pay a one time fee and it is yours.

Looking for Something Different?

Try Our Unit Studies with a Literary Twist!

Not sure if an online book club is what you're after? No problem! We offer a fantastic alternative: unit studies that use engaging literature as their backbone. Perfect for students from elementary to high school, these studies blend geography, history, science, and more, all while anchored in captivating literary works.
Elementary and Middle School Unit Studies

For Elementary & Middle Schoolers

  • Christmas Adventures
  • Exploring Our Backyard


  • Community Adventures
  • Human Body Adventures
  • Space Adventures
High School Unit Studies

For High Schoolers


  • A Study of Japan
  • Psychology (Free to Subscribers)
  • Christmas Adventures


  • A Study of Ancient Rome and Italy