The Allegory: Who Is Represented?

Estimated Time: 15 minutes

Animal Farm is a didactic text (meaning it teaches a lesson) and an allegory, which you will learn about in your writing project. George Orwell wrote the book to show how a totalitarian government manipulates its people into believing lies and half-truths.

Watch this short video to learn the context of the story.

Let's learn some of the major characters of the Russian Revolution and who they represented in the story.

Mr. Jones represents Czar Nicholas

Mrs. Jones represents Alexandra, the granddaughter of Queen Victoria

(You will need to follow this link to watch this video on YouTube).

Old Major represents Karl Marx

Manor Farm represents Russia

Animal Farm represents The Soviet Union

Animalism represents Communism

Animal Farm Flag represents the Communist Flag

Flag of the USSR (1936-1955)

Animalism flag 2.svg

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