Rabbit Trail: Fairies

The little girl in our book is searching for fairies. Let's learn about fairies.

What is a fairy?

This article has a lot of information on fairies.

Fairy Facts for Kids

A fairy or færie (Old English spelling) is a supposed magical being that flies in the air. They are usually depicted as small girls or women. Some færies have certain jobs, such as the Tooth fairy, who gives money or treats under the pillow of small children who have had a tooth fall out.

A Fairy Tale:

A fairy tale is a story about a fairy. This one comes from Ireland and is about the rescue of the Queen Fairy.

The Rescue of Fairy Queen Maeve - Short Kid Stories

Can the two brave leprechauns rescue Queen Maeve from the wicked Banshee who has captured her?

What do you like about fairies?