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For this book club, we will be using the book The Story of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting and illustrated by Michael Hague. This version of the book has some minor changes to the original text that bring it in line with modern-day values, such as racial pejoratives and stereotypes. These changes were made to be less offensive to 21st-century readers.

You can purchase it in digital, paperback, hardcover, and audio formats. It is also available at many local libraries. This is the only book you will need for this book club.

You will also need a notebook for your notes, copywork, dictation, and journaling.

**Parent Note: This book may contain phrases or situations in which you do not feel comfortable. I recommend this course for elementary age children and older. As with any children's resource, please refer to trusted sources for reviews before reading. For your reference, we have linked a review.

The Story of Doctor Dolittle - Amazing Illustrated Children's Edition

Some children's books simply amaze me. You know that glorious feeling when you unexpectedly come across a wonderful example of children's literature? A book that expands your horizons. Take, for example, The Story of Doctor Dolittle that was published back in 1920. I know what you are thinking... Read Aloud Dad ...

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