Rabbit Trail: M.D.

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Doctor Dolittle is an M.D. An M.D. is an abbreviation for the Latin title Medicinae Doctor. But, we usually just call them a doctor of medicine.

It requires a lot of time and work to become a doctor. Read the article below to learn more about what you would need to do if you wanted to become an M.D. someday.

Requirements to Become a Doctor in the U.S.

The requirements for becoming a doctor in the U.S. may vary by specialty. In general, doctors complete a 4-year undergraduate degree program, spend 4 years in medical school, and then complete 3-7 years of residency training before they are eligible for medical licensing.

Did you know that there is another type of medical doctor? They are called D.O.s or doctors of osteopathy. You may have even gone to one and didn't know it.

Watch the video below to learn the differences between an M.D. and a D.O.

Have you ever thought of becoming a doctor?

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