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Mary Poppins was written in the early 20th century by a British woman named Pamela L. Travers. Throughout the book, she uses words and phrases that are a bit unusual to some of us today. Let's take a look at a few of these.

By Your Leave

By your leave means to give permission. You can read more about it below.

'Without so much as a by your leave' - the meaning and origin of this phrase

What's the meaning and origin of the phrase 'Without so much as a by your leave'?

Lay the Tables

Today we might say, "set the table." It means to put out the plates and utensils on the dining table.

Drawing Room

A drawing room is a room specifically to host guests. Learn more in the article below.

What Is a Drawing Room?

When you hear the phrase " drawing room", do you picture fancy draperies, formal sofas and fine collectibles? What distinguishes the drawing room from the other rooms of the house? When I was growing up, my best friend had a drawing room in her home.


Barley water is a concoction made of simmering barley, water and occasionally sugar, orange, and lemon. It is consumed like hot tea and was often given to children like a daily dose of vitamins.


A muffler is a scarf that is worn in cold weather.

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A Bottle of Scent

A bottle of scent is a bottle of perfume or cologne.

Cake of Sunlight Soap

A "cake" is a bar of laundry soap.

Sunlight Laundry Bar

Sunlight Laundry Bar is suitable for delicate fabrics & stains. It even removes grease from pots, leaving a lasting, sparkling shine. Mild and gentle on skin.

Bathing Cap

A bathing cap is a cap worn while swimming. It is usually tight fitting and made of rubber.

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Folding Camp-Bedstead

This is what we would call a cot today.

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Eiderdown is a duvet or quilt that is made using feathers from the Eider duck.

Did you find any other words or phrases that were new to you?

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