Rabbit Trail: Medieval Code of Chivalry

Estimated Time: 10 minutes

One of the most important aspects of medieval society is the Code of Chivalry. This wasn't just any set of rules; it was the heart and soul of what it meant to be a knight in the Middle Ages. Our story is deeply intertwined with these ideals, showing us the challenges and dilemmas knights faced in trying to uphold these standards.

The Code of Chivalry was the ultimate guidebook for knights, focusing on bravery, respect, honor, and helping those in need. It wasn't easy being a knight; you had to be strong, yes, but also kind and just. This code shaped not only battles and quests but everyday life, influencing how knights interacted with others, from kings and queens to peasants.

Let's explore the Code of Chivalry through this article and a video, giving us a glimpse into the values that knights strived to live by.

If you were a knight living by the Code of Chivalry, which rule do you think would be the most challenging to follow in today's world?

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