Writing Project

Estimated Time: 45 - 60 minutes

One way to become a better writer is to read good writing.


This week read "Recall and Defend" by Rita Williams-Garcia of Breakfast on Mars and 37 other Delectable Essays.

6+1 Traits 4 Point Writing Rubric

This month we will be focusing on Voice for our writing trait. Read over the row on the rubric for Voice to help you in your writing.

Writing Project

Note: Be sure you have completed the Code of Chivalry Rabbit Trail before beginning this project.

Welcome to the first week of your writing project, where you will begin crafting your own Code of Chivalry. This is an exciting opportunity to explore and define the virtues that are significant to you. The concept of chivalry originates from the medieval era, where knights adhered to a code of conduct encompassing not just bravery in battle but also integrity, honor, and compassion in daily life.

Your first task is to read an article detailing the seven common themes of knightly virtues. These virtues represent the foundational principles that guided knights in their actions and decisions.

Personalizing the Virtues

After familiarizing yourself with these virtues, your next step is to personalize them. You will arrange these seven virtues in an order that reflects their importance to you. This exercise is about your values and what you hold most dear.

In addition to reordering these virtues, you are encouraged to add any that you believe are missing. If there are values or principles that you feel are essential to your personal code but are not represented in the original list, please include them.

Defining the Virtues

With your list of virtues in order, you will then write a definition for each one using your own words. Reflect on what each virtue truly means to you and how it applies to your life. This is a chance to express your understanding and interpretation of these principles.

Discussion and Reflection

Once you have completed your list and definitions, you will review this with your teacher. This discussion is an important part of the process, allowing you to receive feedback and gain new insights. You can also include your list in the comments for an instructor to review.

Ensure that you keep this list in your notebook, as it will be a crucial component of your ongoing project. The list you create now will serve as a foundation for the later stages of your assignment.

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