Questions to Ponder

Estimated Time: 30 minutes

Questions to Ponder

  1. Describe the Christmas festivities that King Arthur and his court are enjoying.
  2. Describe the Green Knight using examples from the text.
  3. Several times the Green Knight says he is not seeking to hurt anyone such as in Section 12 when he says, "I pass as one in peace, no peril seeking" and "I crave no combat." Do you find this hard to believe?
  4. The Green Knight puts forth his idea for a game in Section 13. What is the challenge?
  5. Sir Gawain steps forward to take King Arthur's place for this buffet. How does he describe himself?
  6. Sir Gawain shows many traits of chivalry. Name some examples.


After you have pondered and discussed these questions with your teacher, choose one to complete a freewrite. If you are unfamiliar with freewriting, here are a few tips:

  • Keep your pencil moving. Don’t stop. Just brain dump onto your paper.
  • Have a set amount of time. Set a timer and write for the full amount of time.
  • Ignore all grammar and spelling. Don’t let editing slow down the process. The goal is to get thoughts on paper. Spelling and grammar are not important in this instance.
  • Pen and paper aren’t the only ways to freewrite. Feel free to type on the computer. Not only does this accomplish the task, but it builds typing skills.

Share your freewrite in the comments below.

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