Rabbit Trail: Hibernating Bears

Estimated Time: 5 minutes

Remember how we talked about different types of bears in our last lesson? Today, we're going to discover a fascinating part of a bear's life—what they do in the winter. While Winnie the Pooh might spend his winter days searching for honey or visiting friends, real bears have a very different winter plan.

When it gets really cold, many bears go into a deep sleep called hibernation. During hibernation, bears rest in their dens and don't eat or drink for months! They have saved up all the energy they need from eating lots of food before winter. This special sleep helps them to stay warm and safe during the coldest months when food is hard to find.

Let's watch a video about hibernating bears to see how they prepare for their long winter nap, where they sleep, and what happens when they wake up. 

Do bears live near where you live?

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