Rabbit Trail: Animals in Winter

Estimated Time: 10 minutes

Poor Eeyore feels very cold during winter, so he decides to build himself a house to stay warm. Just like Eeyore, animals in the wild have their own special ways of keeping cozy when it gets chilly outside, but instead of building houses, they grow something very special.

Today, we're going to learn about animals who create their own "winter coats." Just imagine if you could grow a thick, fluffy coat every winter and then take it off when spring comes! Many animals do just this. They grow extra fur or feathers to protect themselves from the cold.

Watch the video about these amazing animals and their winter coats. You'll see how they change throughout the seasons to stay comfortable, no matter how cold it gets.

But what about animals that live in ponds, like the turtle? How does a turtle survive the winter?

Have you seen animals with winter coats? Does your pet grow a heavy coat when it gets cold?

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