Writing Project

Estimated Time: 45 - 60 minutes

One way to become a better writer is to read good writing.


This week read "Orange Crush" by Yiyun Li in The Norton Sampler: Short Essays for Composition on page 110.

6 Traits of Writing

This month, we will focus on the trait Sentence Structure and Variety, which is shown in the fourth row in the following rubric. Print it out by clicking the black arrow in the right top corner and read over all the bullet points that help to build strong writing.

Writing Project

Your writing project for this month will be to complete a theme essay from A Tale of Two Cities. This week you will focus on finding and writing about the themes you see so far in the story.

Watch this video on how to find the theme in a story.

  • This week, from your reading, make notes about the primary characters, what they have said, done, and are learning.
  • This should lead you to some possible themes. Remember that themes are a complete sentence and do not include a character's name.
  • Share your theme ideas in the comments below.