Project Supplies

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Project Resources

You will need the following supplies for projects listed throughout the course. You do not have to complete each project. Choose those you think would be interesting.

Project 1, Make a Kotinos

Option #1

Option #2

Project 2, Draw the Rings

  • Pencil
  • Cup
  • Colored Pencils or Markers: Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Red

Project 3, Host Your Own Games

  • Olympians - ask friends or family to participate with you
  • Paper plate - for the discus throw
  • Straws - for the javelin toss
  • A start and finish line - for the races
  • Sandpit or sandbox - for the long jump
  • Hula Hoops in the ground - for the hurdles
  • Swimming pool - for the swimming races or diving competition

Project 5, Draw a Leprechaun

  • Marker or pencil
  • Paper
  • Brown, yellow, orange, red, pink, lime green, dark green colored pencils