Magic Dust: Make a Kotinos

Estimated Time: 15-45 minutes

Today we're going to make a kotinos. It's very simple, but we'll give you a couple of options.

Option #1;

For this option, you will need:

  • Some ivy or a vine of leaves. These can be from outside or they can be artificial from a store.

Take your ivy and wind it around your head. You can twist it together at the ends for a wreath.


Option #2:

For this project, you will need:

  • green construction paper (preferably two different shades)
  • scissors,
  • tape,
  • glue,

Follow directions in the article below.

Olympic or Greek Crown

A simple construction paper crown the kids have fun making, decorating and wearing! Perfect for children celebrating the olympics or learning about ancient Greece. This craft can either be a laurel wreath (crown) or an olive wreath (crown). They are commonly called "wreaths" but they're worn on top of the head like a crown.

Show us a picture of your Kotinos.