Literary Elements: Rhyme Scheme and Personification

Estimated time: 45 minutes

Rhyme Scheme

Rhyme Scheme is an important Literary Element in all poetry. Learn more about rhyme scheme:

Rhyme Scheme - Examples and Definition of Rhyme Scheme

Rhyme scheme is the pattern of rhyme that comes at the end of each verse or line in poetry. In other words, it is the structure of end words of a verse or line that a poet needs to create when writing a poem. Many poems are written in free verse style.

Mark It Up:

  • Print out the following poem and determine the rhyme scheme by labeling each line with the rhyming pattern (A, B, C, etc).

Answer to a Child's Question.pdf

Did you get the rhyme scheme correct? It is AA, BB, CC, AA, DD.

Poetry Notebook

  • Create a page in your Poetry Notebook titled Rhyme Schemes.
  • Add Couplet to it and write out the pattern (A,A, B,B, C,C) next to it.
  • You will add to the page each time we learn a new rhyme scheme.
  • Add this page to your Poetry Notebook in the Literary Elements Section.


Now let's learn about personification.

Personification Examples and Definition - Literary Devices

As a literary device, personification is the projection of characteristics that normally belong only to humans onto inanimate objects, animals, deities, or forces of nature. These characteristics can include verbs of actions that only humans do or adjectives that describe a human condition.

Poetry Notebook

  • Create a page for your poetry notebook and label it Personification.
  • Write the definition and some examples on the page.
  • Come back and add new examples to this page as you find them in future poems that we study.
  • File this in the Literary Elements tab of your notebook.

Mark It Up:

  • Choose a color and mark all the examples of personification you find in the poem, "Answer to a Child's Question".
  • Be sure to create a key on your paper.
  • When you are finished add it to the poetry section of your Poetry Notebook.
  • Check your answers with the Answer Key provided.

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