Your Turn!

Estimated Time: 1 1/2-2 hours


  • Poetry Matters, Chapter 2: Image
  • Remember to highlight or make notes of anything that is meaningful to you.

Trivia Time:

Check out this fascinating article about Coleridge's coffin being lost! This would make an excellent Trivia Question!

Poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Casket Rediscovered in Former Wine Cellar Samuel Taylor Coleridge is best known for the "Rime of the Ancient Mariner," a doozy of a poem that includes spirits, zombies and, of course, a rotting albatross. As it turns out, since the English poet's death in 1834, Coleridge's remains have taken their own circuitous journey through the underworld.


  • Choose an interesting or unusual location and write about that place using vivid details and personification.
  • Write from the inside of Coleridge's coffin, a place you have only imagined, or choose your very favorite place in the entire world!

Writing a poem can take time. Allow yourself time to think, draw or imagine (as described in Chapter 2 of Poetry Matters) before you start to write.

Jot down notes or words that you think might help you.

Share your poem in the comments below.

Poetry Tea Time:

Have a poetry tea time! Enjoy some Coleridge poems with your siblings, friends, or parent and read your own poem, as well! Don't forget to prepare or purchase a drink you love (tea is not required!) and some yummy snacks.

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