Rabbit Trail: Talk like a Greaser

Estimated Time: 5 Minutes

Throughout this book, the author uses the slang language of the greasers, socs and hoods. This is called vernacular. Here are some of the words that you may not use in your everyday talk.

Digs: Digs is a verb and it means to like something.

Movie House: a movie theater

Get Jumped: to be suddenly attacked.

Souped Up: to make something more impressive by adding to it

Pop Bottle: a glass soda bottle

Stuck Pig: a reference to when people used to butcher their pigs for meat at home

Drag Race: a car race

A Rumble: a fight between gangs

Rolled a Drunk: means to search a passed out drunk for valuables.

Savvy: to understand

The Fuzz: the police

A Doll: a very attractive person

Booze: alcohol

Heater: a gun

Rat Race: a way of life where you are constantly trying to make more money and power

Did you find any other words that were unfamiliar to you?

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