Poetry and a Movie for High School ~ A Year Course

A Study of the Master Poets

  • Do you want to teach your kids about poetry but have no idea where to start?
  • Does the idea of teaching high school to your teen intimidate you?
  • Does the use of technology make learning more appealing to your kids?

Hi, I'm Dachelle. I am the owner of Literary Adventures for Kids and I want to help you to teach high school literature in a way that is easy for you and fun for your teen.

Don't let the idea of teaching high school intimidate you. We've done all the work for you!

It's scary! The whole idea of homeschooling high school can be intimidating.

  • Will I be able to teach language arts?
  • Will my kids be able to graduate?
  • Will they be prepared for college... or life?

  • Yes, teaching high school is a little scary... especially if it's a subject that makes you uncomfortable. When my oldest started high school I planned, researched, and panicked. How could I possibly teach all these subjects? I hadn't had some of these classes in 20 years!

    That's when I had the brilliant idea to turn over some of these responsibilities to someone else so I could focus on other parts of our homeschool. So, I hired out the subjects that scared me. I enrolled my son in class and I relaxed.

    Let us help you teach Language Arts!

    This literature course covers all you need for a full high school language arts credit. Your student will study literature, literary elements, grammar and writing.

    And the best part?

    You don't have to do a thing! It's all done for you!

    Let Literary Adventures for Kids put a halt to those doubts. You can provide your teen with a full language arts curriculum they can work on independently. And, you can have peace of mind.

    "Linking poems with memorable movies is a brilliant method of making poetry more interesting and understandable to students, and that’s the real value of the Poetry and a Movie course."

    - Cathy Duffy, Owner of Cathy Duffy Reviews

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    Teach your kids about the Master Poets in a way that is engaging and fun!

    The word "Poetry" brings on many images, but is poetry relevant today?

    Teaching classic poetry to teenagers can be difficult. Teens want new and exciting things to learn and they believe anything older than themselves is ancient. Why on earth would they want to study poets who have been dead for decades or even centuries?

    Our poetry study for high school not only teaches your teen about poets and their poetry, but they will also be learning about how classical material is still utilized in our modern culture.

    Help your teen learn why the classics are just as relevant today as when they were written.

    Adding technology to the classics adds an element of fun!

    Teens seem to be permanently attached to their devices. Instead of fighting the inevitable, we bring the poets to your teen through those very devices.

    This study was created to help teach kids in a way that appeals to multiple learning styles and embraces technology to enrich the learning.

    Poetry and a Movie makes the Master Poets appealing and relevant to the high school crowd through the effective use of technology. Your teen will not only be learning about poets and their poetry, they will also be learning about literary elements and how classical material is still utilized in our modern culture.

    This poetry study is actually fun for teens!

    Using these simple techniques, poetry comes to life

    With a simple formula, we bring these classic poems to life and start engaging your student in a literature adventure.

  • We start by teaching your student how poetry can be approached from multiple angles: history, form, and analysis.

  • Next your student will learn the literary elements found in the poems and use their new knowledge to create their own poetry.

  • And then, we see how modern screenwriters incorporate the master poets into modern movies.
  • "My daughter is excited about poetry. That very idea was a shocker. She cried for 2 days solid when we went to look for her Language Arts program for high school. No way did she want to do poetry. I almost didn't show her the course. After she looked inside she said, "Hey, this looks fun!" then zoomed off to find the books and movies.

    I was shocked, but what really made me excited? She told her DAD all about it. My kids NEVER talk to their dad about their schoolwork."

    - Jen Mackinnon, Homeschool Mom and Owner of Practical, By Default and The "Working Homeschool Mom" Club

    Homeschool mama, don't despair. We're here to help!

    Don't panic about teaching high school!

    Our course provides an entire year's worth of language arts curriculum that teaches all the elements you need for a successful year. You don't have to do any of the work. It's all done for you.

    Don't spend a fortune on an expensive language arts curriculum your teen hates.

    So many language arts courses cost hundreds of dollars and at the end of the day everyone is frustrated and ready to throw the book out the window. Our course is inexpensive and fun. (Plus, you can't really throw an online course through the window.)

    Don't fight the battle of trying to teach classics to your teen.

    Seriously, I've been there. The struggle is real. But, you don't have to fight the battle because your teen is going to enjoy this course. Even if poetry isn't their cup of tea, they will start on a new adventure that will broaden their minds and experiences.

    "The Poetry and a Movie Course is such a fun combination. Not only do you learn about revered poets, you get to enjoy some classic movies along the way. Mom and dad will enjoy completing this course with their children and diving deep into poetry."

    - Bethany Ishee, Homeschool Mom and Owner of Homeschool Mindset with Bethany Ishee

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    The Answer to your Language Arts Curriculum Worries:

    Our new course:

    Poetry and a Movie

    Our course, Poetry and a Movie, adds all the elements you need for a language arts curriculum your student will love. Take a look inside!

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    Course Curriculum

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    Your Instructor

    Chantelle Grubbs
    Chantelle Grubbs

    Chantelle is a homeschooling mom to 6, with two graduates! She has homeschooled all ages from preschool through high school. With a desire to educate her children in a way that appeals to their learning styles, she has learned to embrace technology and use it to enrich their studies. She has successfully made the classics appealing and relevant to the high school crowd through the effective use of technology and modern culture.

    Here's What You Get with this Poetry Study for High School

    • A Study of the Master Poets with Background Information
    • A Study of Literary Elements and Form in the Poetry of the Master Poet
    • A Movie Suggestion to go along with the Poet
    • Writing Instruction
    • Grammar Instruction
    • Fun elements like Poetry Teatime and Trivia Games

    The Poets

    • Samuel Taylor Coleridge
    • William Blake
    • Edgar Allan Poe
    • Walt Whitman
    • Lord Alfred Tennyson
    • Langston Hughes
    • William Wordsworth
    • William Butler Yeats
    • Dylan Thomas
    • Robert Frost

    The Movies

    • Citizen Kane
    • Chariots of Fire
    • Holes
    • Dead Poet's Society
    • The Blind Side
    • A Raisin in the Sun
    • A River Runs Through It
    • Memphis Belle
    • Interstellar
    • The Outsiders

    "My teens love learning via video! I love that this course provides a thorough look at poetry (history, form, literary elements, analysis) and makes it current by including a movie. I also appreciate that there are videos."

    - Angela Awald, Homeschool Mom and Owner of Nurtured Roots

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What age range is this course for?
    This course is designed for high school credit. Students in grades 7 and up should be able to complete this course.
    What are the dates of this course?
    This is a self-paced course. There are no starting or ending dates. Feel free to use at your leisure.
    How long should this course take the student?
    This course is designed to be completed in a year. Each poet is a month-long study for a total of 10 months of instruction.
    What supplies will the student need?
    A supply list is provided at the beginning of the course. Please refer to that page for the list of books and movies we will be using.
    Can my student work through this course independently?
    Teens should be able to complete this course independently. However, parents will need to be available to help with writing projects. There are also opportunities to join your student for movies and poetry teatimes. I recommend parents review the course before their students begin.
    Can this be used for more than one child or as a family course?
    Absolutely! We are a homeschooling family. We often reuse our materials for the younger children or combine students for a family course.
    How long do I have access to the course?
    After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own for the lifetime of Literary Adventures for Kids.
    What if I have questions or need help?
    This course comes with email support. So, if you have questions about this course email me at [email protected]
    What if I am unhappy with the course?
    We understand that not every book or course is the perfect fit. Due to the digital nature of this product, we are limited in how long we can offer a refund. If you don't find that the course fits for your family, please let us know within 5 days of purchase for a full refund. After that time, we will not be able to offer a full refund.

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